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Beetroot Malt


Nurtural’s Beetroot malt brings the deliciousness in malt with Cardamom, Almond, Cashewnut, Jaggery and Beetroot.

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  • Nurtural’s Beetroot malt brings the delicious malt with Cardamom, Almond, Cashewnut, Jaggery, and Beetroot.
  • Delicious and protein-packed superfood especially for your kids.
  • Being rich in Vitamins and Minerals especially Folate (B9) makes it ideal for pregnant women.
  • Rich in Vitamin C and Iron, boosting your immune system.
  • Improving blood flow and lowering blood pressure, offers you the best fit for your workout diet.
  • Lusciousness, flavor, and nutrition together in a minute serving time
  • Get rid of your coffee & tea addiction with our tasty malt.
  • Exclusively prepared in a traditional way with iron vessel for preparing versatile superfood.


Directions to use



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Weight 200 g
Dimensions 10 × 3.5 × 15 cm
Product Type

Vegan, Vegetarian


Super Food


Nurtural Store

Directions to use

  • Add 1-2 tablespoons (12 g approximate) of Beetroot malt to a glass of hot milk or hot water.
  • Mix well and drink it for an arsenal of nutrients.
  • If you want to boost your health level, take up to 4-5 times a day of Beetroot malt for 7-10 days to experience better results.



Do not filter the drink before serving.


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