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The word “Health”, for as long as I can remember, has always referred to the physical well-being of a person. But it’s not. A person must be active physically, mentally, and socially, in order to be healthy.

The World Health Day, celebrated on the 7th of April each year since 1950 proves this. The day was commemorated in order to be an advocate for a certain topic, which was chosen as the theme for that year. And over the past years, they’ve had a variety of topics ranging from diabetes to depression. For the year 2021, its theme is Building a fairer, healthier world”, focusing on making medical services available for people from all socio-economical backgrounds. Here we’ll look at ways to improve help with the “healthier” of the theme.



There are various factors that shape our physical health. Most of our motivation to stay healthy arrives at night. We wake up with a sudden burst of energy to live the day a little better but lose it once there’s a need for action. Physical inactivity alone causes about 5.3 million deaths every year. We find it so hard to work out daily because once we start exercising, we overdo it. We scare off our minds so much with the amount, that it won’t even think of coming back.

It’s better to start off slow and build the habit step by step. Start by asking yourself to put on the workout clothes. Get on your feet the next day. Work out for just two minutes the day after the next. You don’t have to unwillingly drag yourself to the gym every day. Try other physical activities like swimming and cycling. Every step is on the path!

Next comes our nutritional needs. Research suggests that the nutritional value of foods that we consume today might’ve decreased as compared to the same foods that were consumed about half a century before. This might be due to the cross-breeding of plants, designed to meet the needs of a growing population. If we want to revert back to a healthier nutriment, it’s important that we follow our traditional methods of production. This is why the Nurtural store promotes products that are natural and produced by sustainable methods.

Studies indicate that from breakfast, our meals get about 1.7 % unhealthy by the hour. We start with a decent wholesome meal in the morning and end up with a pizza or Chinese takeaway to finish off the day. This is because most nutritional meals are time-consuming and require a lot of effort. But there are many alternatives to help you with your nutritional needs. Check out our simple meal plan for a day and try to plan your meals simple and effective like so. Add supplements to your diet like dry fruits and nuts and swap superfoods for at least one meal of the day. Also, don’t forget to keep your body clean and hygienic. They influence your physical health as much as diet and exercise do.


Being mindful and seeking static in a world that’s constantly changing, is a tough job. There are many deeds that call for our attention and keep us disturbed all the time. It’s better to channel all those thoughts into a diary or journal and declutter. If you feel down without a reason though, try altering your dieting and work properties. There is a whole separate division of Nutrition, called Nutritional Psychiatry, which speaks about how the foods we eat can influence how we feel.

Allow your mind to wander and find peace. Don’t be hard on yourself. Trust that times change and nothing bad stays bad forever.

(If you feel the problems you encounter with your mental health are severe, we kindly suggest that you seek help from a medical professional)


Social health might be a foreign topic for most of us. However, its importance can’t be stressed enough. Being socially active doesn’t just mean posting regularly on our social media. It is about maintaining a healthy relationship with the people we live and interact with. Being open to suggestions, valuing the views of others, realizing that people can have different views on the same topic and still choose to respectfully disagree with each other, co-operation, are some of the basic norms we need to practice in order to build a healthy social relationship.

Setting boundaries, saying NO to things that you feel are toxic, balancing work and personal life are also equally important drills that we have to follow.

Try balancing this HEALTH TRIANGLE. You’ll lead a life that’s well-balanced and blithe.

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